What is aviva?

Aviva is an app that lets you download, pay and watch your favourite Nollywood movies without internet.

On what device can I install aviva?

Aviva is only available to android devices for now.

What is the O.S requirement for aviva?

Aviva works on android 4.4 and above.

Does aviva work on tablets?

Yes, aviva works on android tablets.

How do I sign up on aviva?

Download the app. Enter your valid mobile number and wait for an sms. Copy the password you receive into the app. You are all set.

Do I need internet to sign up on aviva?

You can connect to any of aviva hotspots in your location or locate any of our agents close to you to install and sign up on aviva without internet.

Can I access my account from another device?

Yes, you can use your account on a device at a time, but you only have access to videos paid for on that device.

Do I have to subscribe on aviva and how much?

No, you do not need to subscribe on aviva. You only have to fund your account to access movies. Buy movies for as low as ₦10!

How do I fund my account?

Fund via mCash USSD service *402# . Our Merchant Code is 96607921 .
or Pay in Cash to any of our agents/resellers and get your account funded.
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How do I pay for movies?

Payment for movies is easy when you have funded your accout with adequate amount. Your wallet gets debited for the price of movie you’re paying for.

How much do movies cost?

Buy movies from as low as ₦15 on aviva.

Is it only Nollywood I can watch on aviva?

No, we also have Fashion, Cooking Videos and Religious Content.

Can I watch my aviva movies anywhere?

Yes. Once you download your favourite movie and pay for the movie, you can watch your videos anywhere, but only through the app. Connect your phone to you TV or laptop.

Do I need internet to watch my downloaded videos?

No. you do not need internet to watch your downloaded and paid videos.

Where can I download movies?

You can download movies without internet by connecting to any of our hotspots in your location or from any of our agents close to you. Online downloading will be available soon.

Can I share my aviva movies with my family and friends?

Yes, we encourage you to share your movies with your loved ones. Whenever they pay for the movie, you get BONUS AVIVA CREDIT.

Can I watch my downloaded movies on my tv?

Yes, by connecting your phone to your television through HDMI cable, you can enjoy your movies on your tv screen.

Can I watch downloaded movies on other devices?

You can watch aviva movies on other android devices via aviva app by paying the movie price to unlock the movie for the new device.